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Change is the law of life. Everything in this process goes through a period of change and this change is also absolutely necessary for moving forward. In this fast changing world, the world has merged into mobiles and gadgets. Similarly, while making changes with change, we have also made a small effort and have taken an initiative by connecting the news with new technology. A word or language is a medium for expressing ideas, words have their own separate world and also a science. The thoughts buried in the subconscious mind will take a new form and shape in the new sky.

Books, magazines and magazines have always been helpful in the enlightenment and entertainment of the people, but in today’s changed technology, it seems as if the words have become dumb and the fingers are talking. In this era of gadgets and mobiles, of course, faces are unknown, but on Twitter and Facebook we all recognize each other well and are also connected to each other. To say, we live miles away from each other, but things are as if you are sitting opposite each other.

When the medium of speaking the mind changed, we also tried to connect ourselves with the new technology that of course we never met or saw each other, but through the exchange of ideas, we got to know our life. The reason for our friendship with you was that we got a response from our good and bad. Our efforts will continue to bring the events happening around us to everyone. Due to changing events and exchange of news everyday, some such facts are left behind which for some reason are not available. We have got them introduced to you and will continue to get them done.

We have shared our talk with this new-age family and want to share in the times to come. Apart from all these, the process of improvement is also going on, following your suggestions and advice. Your wish has always been and will continue to be…. That is why we stay connected with you on every platform of social media. Whenever a big event happens during 24 events, bring it with information, photos and videos on your mobile screen. The effort is that we first make every news of your city reach your mobile screen. Like a friend, you have taken a journey on hand and you are reaching every moment through journalism. You are putting your point in front of me through not one or two mediums, we are raising all the issues in Hindi as well as English.

We are close to you through www.sntv24samachar.com. Our day starts with morning tea with you and then stays with us throughout the day.

Throughout the day, we try to thread new ideas into a formula. The first thing is to share the events that happen throughout the day with you. Also, try to connect you with the country and abroad. Where you will find yourself standing with new technology, religion. We make equal efforts to connect with culture also. We are doing the job of serving you with entertainment information along with informative information. We also aim to increase intellectual understanding through thinking and discussion on serious topics. We only news. They will move towards becoming a modern history of a dynamic idea rather than a dry description of the particulars. While staying within your limits, do not come in the way of crossing the border. We promise to try to give our 100%

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