7 Reasons to opt for Lithium Ion Battery Powered Inverters

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7 Reasons to opt for Lithium Ion Battery Powered Inverters

The use of lithium-ion or li-ion batteries has increased dramatically over the past few years. They have some distinct advantages over other types of battery technology. Because of this, more and more different kinds of applications of lithium ion battery are being introduced. Everything from tiny electronic gadgets to computers, cellphones, inverters, cars, and a wide range of other devices are now using a lithium ion battery.

We will be learning more about a lithium ion battery in this blog.

7 Reasons to opt for Lithium Ion Battery Powered Inverters

What is Lithium Ion Battery?

Alithium ion battery, often known as a “Li-ion battery,” is a rechargeable battery that stores energy by the reversible reduction of lithium ions. It is the most common kind of battery used in electric vehicles and portable consumer gadgets. It is also used a lot for storing energy on a large scale and for military and space applications. Lithium ion batteries are better than other rechargeable battery technologies in terms of energy density, self-discharge, and memory effect (although a small memory effect reported in LFP cells has been traced to poorly made cells).

Because Li-ion technology has so many benefits, these batteries are being used in more places, leading to a huge amount of development. Here, we look at the top 7 reasons your next solar inverter installation should use lithium-ion batteries.

  1. The fundamental draw oflithium-ion batteries is their lack of ongoing maintenance requirements. They belong to the category of maintenance-free sealed batteries.
  2. Lithium-ion batteries are much lighter than other types of rechargeable batteries with the same size and output capacity.  The electrodes of a lithium ion battery are constructed of lightweight materials. They are better suited when there are space restrictions because they take up less room.
  3. Unlike some other battery technologies, lithium-ion batteries do not need to completely deplete before recharging. Compared to other battery kinds, they have a substantially longer lifespan.
  4. Compared to other rechargeable batteries, Li-ion batteries charge incredibly quickly. The rationale is that lead acid batteries need a three-stage charging profile that may be bulk-charged up to 80%, absorption-charged from 80% to roughly 95%, and float-charged to 100%. Each stage gradually reduces the charge current. While lithium-ion batteries can be bulk-charged all the way up to 100%, they do not have a similar three-stage charging system.
  5. Li-ion batteries can tolerate extremely demanding power conditions compared to other battery types. They can power heavy equipment.
  6. A lithium ion battery is far more effective than other batteries in the same situations.
  7. A lithium ion battery has a substantially longer lifespan than other batteries. Some manufacturers offer a 10,000-cycle warranty on a lithium ion battery. At the same time, other batteries have a life of 400 cycles or fewer. This indicates that compared to other batteries, lithium ion batteries will last ten times longer. In addition, lead acid battery cycles are lowered at deeper discharge levels. Deep discharge has a lesser impact on lithium-ion batteries.


All the benefits as mentioned above of lithium-ion batteries make them a must-have. The growing demand for such batteries in the market clearly shows that they are reliable and run for a long period of time. Batteries from reliable brands like Luminous come with a warranty. Since batteries are investments, make sure they come with features worth the money you would be spending.

If you are consideringwelcoming  a lithium ion battery in your home, feel free to get a next-gen compatible inverter as well. A next-gen inverter, along with the highly efficient lithium ionbattery, would offer you the unparallel performance you are looking for. Our recommendations? Luminous’ Regalia and Li-ON 1250. Get the best for your home now!

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