genshin impact switch genshin impact 2023

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Swati Brijwasi

genshin impact switch genshin impact 2023

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genshin impact switch: genshin impact 2023 Nilou, the newest 5-star character in Genshin Impact,

genshin impact switch genshin impact 2023
genshin impact switch genshin impact 2023

genshin impact switch will be available in a few days. In order to summon her, players will need to have the best artefacts and weaponry ready for her build. Nilou is a straightforward character to create because she focuses on scaling HP%. She does not, however, currently have a specific artefact set that can make the most of her equipment.

genshin impact switch Players will want to use Nilou’s fantastic weapon options, which can considerably increase her damage, when engaging in combat with her.

genshin impact Players will now be able to use Nilou’s distinctive Bloom-focused gameplay on their teams once it is released. Nilou is a character who emphasises using her Ascension passive ability to increase the Bloom reaction. Although players might choose to disregard this passive and develop her for other teams, her most effective and devastating playstyle makes use of the Dendro element. The playstyle that Genshin Impact players will seek to develop around. They should choose weapons that boost her HP and Elemental Mastery as well as artefacts that boost her HP% and Bloom damage potential.

Nilou’s top artefacts in Genshin Impact

genshin impact codes To take full advantage of Nilou’s special Bloom reaction synergy, players should improve her HP% and Elemental Mastery as much as feasible. Sadly, there isn’t yet a set that is specifically designed to increase these stats, but one might show up soon. The Tenacity of the Millelith Set, the Gilded Dreams Set, or the Tenacity set and the Heart of Depth Set are the options that players have for now.

Both of these strategies make use of the extra HP% that the Millelith set gives Nilou. One increases her EM with the Gilded Dreams set, while the other increases her hydro damage with the Heart of Depth set. Players should choose the set that maximises her substats with an emphasis on HP, ER, and Elemental Mastery because both sets are strong. Nilou doesn’t require high crit stats because Bloom deals the majority of her damage, which makes creating her much simpler.

Nilou’s best weapons in Genshin Impact

genshin impact codes Fortunately, the featured banner will include three of Nilou’s greatest weapons for Genshin Impact gamers who intend to call her. Her hallmark weapon, the Key of Khaj-Nisut, greatly increases her damage while also giving her a huge amount of additional life. The Jade Cutter is an equally potent weapon and is even an excellent option for a Nilou who prioritises Hydro damage.

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genshin impact characters Nilou would also benefit greatly from the new 4-star sword Xiphos’ Moonlight, which gives her an abundance of Elemental Mastery and more Energy Recharge. All three of these weapons are available to players during Nilou’s banner, and genshin impact characters those with extra Primogems might wish to try their hand at summoning. The Sapwood Blade, Sacrificial Sword, Iron Sting, and Favonius Sword are some of Nilou’s top 4-star selections. Players of Genshin Impact will undoubtedly want to test out each of these weapons to see which one best suits their Nilou and her crew.

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