Tulsi Plant Vastu Tips – These people should not plant Tulsi plant at home, there may be damage?

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Tulsi Plant Vastu Tips

Tulsi Plant Vastu Tips According to astrology, Tulsi plant is considered auspicious in the house. Tulsi is worshiped as well as the Tulsi plant is the favorite of Lord Vishnu. Tulsi is applied in the offerings to Lord Vishnu. Keeping Tulsi plant at home is considered auspicious. But according to a survey, Tulsi plant is also considered inauspicious for many people. Establishing a Tulsi plant without following the rules gives inauspicious effects. Let us tell in which house Tulsi plant is considered inauspicious. One who consumes the month should not plant Tulsi plant.



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Tulsi Plant Vastu Tips

Tulsi is the beloved of Lord Vishnu, so Lord Vishnu is worshiped in a rajasic or most beloved sattvik manner. Tulsi plant is considered inauspicious in the house of one who consumes tamasic food . Tulsi plant does not grow well in such a house. A person who keeps alcohol in the house or consumes alcohol. Tulsi plant should not be there in the house of such people. In these houses, Tulsi plant causes harm instead of benefit. Tulsi plant should never be planted in the ground. Always planted in a pot.

Tulsi planted in the ground starts giving inauspicious results. Today’s information is for those to whom Tulsi plant gives inauspicious results. If you also have a Tulsi plant in your house, then first of all rectify your mistake. After this you can also get benefits. Today’s keynote has been made for you. This information is created for entertainment purposes only. We do not confirm the accuracy of anything. All the information is taken from a well-known website. Which house has a negative effect of having a Tulsi plant? If you know any other information about Tulsi plant, then you can share it with us. Thank you for knowing our information today.