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Houston maritime attorney | Houston maritime lawyer | Houston Maritime Accident Lawyers

Houston maritime attorney | Houston maritime lawyer | Houston Maritime Accident Lawyers
Houston maritime attorney | Houston maritime lawyer | Houston Maritime Accident Lawyers

Houston maritime attorney | Houston maritime lawyer | Houston Maritime Accident Lawyers

Have you been injured in a maritime collision? Contact us for a no-cost consultation with one of our Houston maritime injury lawyer to learn the full story. Call us , or fill out the online application.

A skilled maritime attorney such as can be the crucial factor in maximising your claim and getting the compensation you’re entitled to. Lawyer is fighting on behalf of injured seamen for over years and has won the biggest settlements in Texas.

Houston maritime attorney | Houston maritime lawyer | Houston Maritime Accident Lawyers


A distinct set of laws can be applied on maritime injury. A variety of laws could be applicable in a maritime case that may not apply to injuries on land. Sometimes, they are referred to as admiralty laws. They are specifically designed to safeguard specific circumstances and employees. For example, a person who gets injured as a member of a crew on a vessel files another lawsuit as someone who is injured by a car crash.

The primary distinction is the amount of damages that you are able to claim in a maritime court. In addition, certain accidents that happen on docks such as when loading containers in Port Houston may fall under maritime law.



As you can observe, Maritime laws are complex. Let lawyer along with his staff assist you comprehend the legal terms and guide you through the procedure to ensure you receive all the justice you’re due. This could result in you reimbursed for the time you were absent and also pay for the medical charges that continue to pour into.

Working together with lawyers who is not maritime experience can leave money in the sand. However, here at Law Firm, our Houston maritime accident lawyers have a wealth of expertise in this field and will not let our clients get a poor deal.


We have a long history of obtaining results for maritime workers injured and ensuring they receive the maximum amount of amount of compensation. This is an example of one the largest recoveries published for a single plaintiff in Texas for one plaintiff. In this instance we received a $176,120,000 settlement for a man who sustained serious injuries when the mooring cable snapped, and the cable struck his head.

The team we have assembled of top-rated lawyers have the expertise of experience, expertise and resources to prevail in even the most difficult maritime cases. If you’ve been injured while on a vessel at sea, or on one of the oil platforms, or in Port Houston, we have an extensive network of top medical engineering, maritime, and industry experts in the United States.

We are extremely proud of our accomplishments and experience in representing injured workers in the maritime industry, which is a hazardous one.


  • Help you to complete an accident form for the employer.
  • Determine if you’re a seaman in the sense of Jones Act. Jones Act.
  • Check the condition of the vessel moment of the incident.
  • Get evidence to prove its seaworthiness.Find out about the crew members and their instruction.
  • Examine the root of your injury and accident.
  • Examine any documents that you receive from the company, which includes any waivers or deals.Review your legal rights in filing an legal claim.
  • Find out how long you’ve got to make a claim.
  • File a lawsuit against a negligent employer.
  • Reach a settlement that is acceptable and prepare yourself for trial


If you’ve suffered injuries in a maritime incident there’s a chance you’ll incur massive medical bills and are in a state of confusion about what you can do. A Houston maritime lawyer with Law Firm, can be a great assistance when we try to win you a full financial reimbursement.

consultation. Let us review the medical records of you’ve been told by your doctor, put together the medical bills you have, and then determine the amount you’ll have to cover all the medical care you require.


You could be eligible to file a lawsuit in accordance with federal maritime laws to seek reimbursement for injuries. An Houston maritime lawyer can help you understand your legal options and assist you choose a plan of actions.

If you’ve suffered injuries in the course of a Houston ship accident be it in the Gulf or in the Port of Houston, Bayport Terminal or while dockside, you could be eligible for one of the following costs:

  • Medical expenses
  • The loss of earnings capacity
  • Physical discomfort
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical limitations
  • Disfigurement


Maintenance and Cure In the event that an employee of the maritime industry is injured while on duty and is injured, they have the option of “maintenance” payments for costs such as housing and food. Additionally, the worker is entitled to rights to “cure” which covers medical treatment costs until the worker is at their maximum level of recovery. Similar as workers’ compensation however, it is specifically for those who are covered under the Jones Act. There are no set amount. Instead, the amount you pay is determined according to your specific particular circumstances.

Vocational Similar to traditional workers’ compensation If you’ve been injured in an accident off the coast and you were injured, you could be eligible for reimbursement for vocational rehabilitation services. This could include re-employment assessments as well as counseling and training.

Disability You could also have the right to receive permanent and temporary disability benefits for the loss of earnings.


Because maritime laws are complex, it’s essential to find a seasoned Houston maritime lawyer defending your best interests. There are a lot of shipping firms and their insurance companies opposing you, but the Law Firm, can ensure you’re safe. We’ll explain the laws governing admiralty and maritime applicable and what you can be expecting.


  • In the majority of maritime accident cases it is an absolute requirement.
  • In the Jones Act, filing a lawsuit is a must.
  • Jones Act is not like an workers’ compensation claim that is an administrative process that you deal in conjunction with your employer.
  • This Jones Act requires a lawsuit and to prove negligence by your employer for compensation.



The majority of maritime injury claims settle via negotiated settlements. However, this isn’t certain. It is best if you had an attorney for maritime law who is prepared to present your case to the courtroom and has a track record of success in maritime litigation.


houston maritime attorney: If you decide to make a personal injury claim usually, you argue that you were negligent and you should be compensated for the losses and injuries you sustained.


If someone is liable in a maritime matter this means that the person or entity acted without reasonable care, or failed to take reasonable action in order to shield others from harm that could be foreseeable.

To establish that you are owed compensation, you have to establish:

You sustained an injury or loss

  • Someone else may have caused your injuries or loss.
  • The other person did not use reasonable care and caused your injury or loss.
  • How We Make Your Case for Maritime Comensation
  • The evidence is crucial following an incident on the sea.
  • At The Law Firm,
  • our maritime injury lawyers take on the cases on a daily basis.
  • We are able to look into cases, so that there is no lapse in our investigation and we know how for large corporations to agree to our demands for maximum settlement.

Let us look into your incident and gather evidence that will allow us to construct a solid argument on your behalf. If the vessel was not safe We’ll discover it. When employers did not adequately train their maritime workers they’ll be uncovered. Every thing is done here at Law Firm will be aimed at providing evidence to support your claim and the compensation you’re entitled to.

When possible, maritime personnel must act swiftly following an incident. Here are some tips to help you with you with your Houston divorce claim

  • Take photographs of the area before the employer is able to correct any hazards or deficiencies.
  • Get immediate medical care from an independent physician
  • Inform the supervisor about the incident supervisor
  • Note any injuries, regardless of how trivial they appear
  • Take note of any malfunctioning equipment, for example, incorrectly labeled lighting or pipes
  • Interview witnesses who witnessed the incident or who can testify to the boat’s unreliability.


The Maritime Law or Admiralty Law is the legal body dealing with navigable waters. Navigable waters are utilized for international or interstate commerce. They include the interconnected system of lakes seas, rivers and oceans.

The main navigable body of water close to Houston is called the Gulf of Mexico However, there are lakes, rivers and shipping channels join to Gulf and are used and are considered navigable under maritime law.


If you are a working seaman you are entitled to some right as a seaman under The Jones Act and other admiralty and maritime laws.

The injured seamen have the right to:

A vessel that is seaworthy
Work environments that are reasonably safe
A sufficient amount of crew members
Captains with proper training and crew members
Rails and safety guards
Equipment and fire suppression systems
Elevators and hoists
Water and food in sufficient quantities
Living spaces that are safe
Properly stored cargo
Legal counsel
Compensation for injuries
Damages for punitive acts if maintenance or cure are not accepted.

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