Sherdog:The Best MMA Fighters in the World, Sherdog’s Top 10

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Sherdog:The Best MMA Fighters in the World, Sherdog’s Top 10

Sherdog:The Best MMA Fighters in the World, Sherdog's Top 10
Sherdog:The Best MMA Fighters in the World, Sherdog’s Top 10

Sherdog is an American website devoted to the sport of mixed martial arts. It also has many forums and discussion pages on the many topics of MMA like records, promotions, etc. The site is a member of the CraveOnline network and provides MMA related content for


The Best MMA Fighters in the World is a feature from the team at where we profile the greatest mixed martial artists in the world today. The initial list was compiled by Sherdog writer and blogger Steve Jeffery. When compiling the list, he looked at all of the fighters active in the world’s premier mixed martial arts organizations: the UFC, Pride Fighting Championships, Affliction, Strikeforce, Bellator and K-1. His criteria for this list was based on history, longevity, skill, dominance, highlight-reel moments, accolades, and other criteria including availability. For the individual fighter profiles, he looked for fighters who were active today and in their primes.

The 10 Best MMA Fighters in the World

Below are Sherdog’s Top 10 MMA Fighters of all-time as of their April 2013 ranking. The site used a scoring system that consisted of a modified version of Sherdog’s Elo rating system. Points were assigned for wins, losses and draw, as well as strength of schedule and opposition’s Elo rating. A lower opponent Elo rating would equate to a higher rating for the individual. The reasoning for these rankings has more to do with the strength of opposition than their actual prowess inside the cage. For example, for a fighter like Ronda Rousey it is no surprise that she won her weight class at a high level in two UFC bouts. A rookie to the UFC against two more experienced opponents would be expected to lose in a landslide.


MMA is a wonderful sport and as the years progress we will be able to say the same thing about it as we did when we first started watching. However, there are some interesting things to see and ponder as the sport evolves. What do you think about the top ten best fighters in MMA? Do you agree?

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