Gully Rowdy Telugu Movie Review TamilRockers Filmyzilla TamilYogi

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Gully Rowdy Telugu Movie Review TamilRockers Filmyzilla TamilYogi

Gully Rowdy Telugu Movie Review TamilRockers Filmyzilla TamilYogi
Gully Rowdy Telugu Movie Review TamilRockers Filmyzilla TamilYogi

Gully Rowdy Telugu Movie Review TamilRockers Filmyzilla TamilYogi

Release Date: September 17,2021 Starring: Sundeep Kishan, Bobby Simha, Neha Hariraj Shetty, Viva Harsha, Vennela Kishore, Rajendra Prasad, Posani Krishna Murali

Director : G Nageswara Reddy
Producer: Kona Venkat, MVVSatyanarayana
Music Director: Chowrasta Ram, Sai Karthiki
Editor: Chota K Prasad Sandeep Kishan

Gully Rowdy is back with another film. The film has hit the big screen and let’s see how it turns out.


Vasu (Sudeep Kishan) belongs to a rowdy family and is forced into a gang war. Things don’t stop here as the girl (Neha Shetty) he loves tells him to save his family that she is a rowdy. How will Vasu, who hates being a rowdy, save the family and win their love. This forms the rest of the story.

More Points:

There is no dull moment whenever Rajendra Prasad is around. In this film also he does good comedy as Head Constable Patta Pagalu. All his scenes with the family have been executed well. Neha Shetty is also neat as the female lead. Bobby Simha is decent in his role and so is Posani. Venela Kishore has some fun in her role. Kidnapping comedy is shown well in the first half.

The actor who played the son of the main villain was also impressive. Last but not least, Sandeep Kishan once again impresses. He is a smooth actor and does very well in his role. He has a great screen presence in the film and holds the proceedings together.

Minus Points: The first half of the film is told in a rut and things are set up quite nicely for the latter part. But the director fails to generate drama and drags the scenes. Bobby Simha’s entry makes things interesting but his character gets hyped for no reason. The way he inquires about the matter gets pulled for no reason and looks irrational.

There is hardly any Sandeep Kishan in the second half and because of this the film is missing something. In a way, the comedy is good from the point of view of the scenes, but if you put them in sequence and watch them as per the script, things look drawn out.

Technical Aspect: The music of the film is great and so was the BGM. Vizag and its surroundings are beautifully showcased by the camera department. The editing is poor in the second half as the climax has been dragged for no reason. Talking about director Nageshwar Reddy, all his films are based on comedy.

The film also has prevalent comedy but lacks impact in the screenplay. The main scenes are let down by some silly narration. Had the second half been crisp, things would have been quite different. Verdict: Overall, Gully Rowdy is typical comedy caper with a good background. The comedy is good in both the parts but the rest of the factors like drama and screenplay take a back seat. If you ignore the regular story and want to pass the time, give this movie a shot and the rest can find something else.

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