56 Bhog is offered to Lord Krishna, these dishes are prepared together

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56 Bhog is offered to Lord Krishna, these dishes are prepared together

56 Bhog is offered to Lord Krishna, these dishes are prepared together
56 Bhog is offered to Lord Krishna, these dishes are prepared together

Lord Krishna 56 Bhog: There has been a tradition of offering Chappan Bhog to Lord Krishna. This bhog of God is also called Annakoot. It is said that such food items are offered to Murlidhar in Chappan Bhog, which is considered to be prohibited during the rainy season. There are many stories in the Puranas about Chappan Bhog. According to a legend, the tradition of Annakut is related to the pride of Devraj Indra.
Devraj Indra was enraged by Lord Krishna worshiping Govardhan. Later, when he realized that Shri Krishna was the real God, he apologized. Meanwhile, Shri Krishna was fasting for 7 days. It is believed by Shri Krishna scriptures that Mother Yashoda used to feed Bal Gopal for 8 o’clock in a day, that is, Shri Krishna used to take food 8 times in eight prahars.

When Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain from Indra’s anger, he could not take food and water for 7 consecutive days. After this Mother Yashoda made 56 bhog for Balakrishna. On the 8th day when Indra stopped the rain while apologizing to Shri Krishna, Shri Krishna ordered all the Brajwasis to come out from under the umbrella of Govardhan mountain.

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At that time, Brajwasis and Mother Yashoda did not like Muralidhar’s fasting for 7 days. Then Mother Yashoda, along with the people of Braj, made 56 types of dishes according to 7 days and 8 hours for Balakrishna and offered Mahabhog to Shri Krishna.

56 Bhog was made in the procession of Shri Krishna.
It is said in the scriptures that when Lord Shri Radha went to Barsana to marry the queen Shri Radha, then 56 Bhog was made on behalf of Shri Vrushabhanji to welcome her procession. The number of all the guests who attended this marriage ceremony was also 56. The sum of 9 Nands, 9 Upananda, 6 Vrishabhanu, 24 Patrani and Sakhas who dedicated 56 Bhog in the marriage ceremony to Shri Krishna was also 56.

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Dishes included in Chappan Bhog

1. Bhakta (Bhaat)

2. Soup (Lentils)

3. Praleh (chutney)

4. Avaleh (Sharbat)

5. Balka (Bati)

6. Ikshu Kherini (Marmalade)

7. Sadika (Curry)

8. Dadhishakaja (curd curry curry)

9. Sikharini (Sikhran)

10. Triangle (containing sugars)

11. Appendix (Complete)

12. Centipede (Khajala)

13. Sadhdrak (Ghevar)

14. Batak (Large)

15. Madhu Title (Mathri)

16. Fenika (Feni)

17. Karpoornadi (Longpuri)

18. Childika (Chola)

19. Sudhakundalika (Jalebi)

20. Dhritpur (Mesu)

21. Vayupur (Rasgulla)

22. Chandrakala (tangled)

23. Dadhi (Maharayata)

24. Thuli

25. Chakram (Malpua)

26. Khand Mandal (Khurma)

27. Godhoom (porridge)

28. Parikha

29. Sufaladhya (with fennel)

30. Dadhiroop (Bilsaru)

31. Modak (Laddus)

32. Shaak (Saag)

33. Saudhana (Adhanau Pickle)

34. Mandaka (Large)

35. Payas (Kheer)

36. Dadhi (curd)

37. Goghrit (cow’s ghee)

38. Hayangpeenam (Butter)

39. Manduri (cream)

40. Alpika (Rabri)

41. Parpat (Papad)

42. Shaktika (Sera)

43. Lymph

44. Suvat

45. Sanghay (Mohan)

46. ​​Suphala (Betel nut)

47. Sita (cardamom)

48. Fruits

49. Tambool

50. Mohan Bhog

51. Salts

52. Astringent

53. Sweet

54. Tikta

55. bitter

56. Acid

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