Best Antivirus Software 2021 For Windows, Android, iOS & Mac

Last Updated on March 28, 2021 by Swati Brijwasi

Best Antivirus Software 2021 For Windows, Android, iOS & Mac

Best Antivirus Software 2021 For Windows, Android, iOS & Mac
Best Antivirus Software 2021 For Windows, Android, iOS & Mac

Best Antivirus Software 2021: Do you know what Antivirus is and how it works . Along with this, you will also be informed that the Best Antivirus for your computer and mobile phone means which of the two are better than free and paid. Whenever there were demons in this world, there were gods to stop them. Similarly, in today’s time, Antivirus works like gods for computers.

You will not store any number of memories and personal data stored in your computer . There are personal data such as Image, Videos, Movies, Mp3 files and along with it some Personal Document “PDF Files, Scaned Files, Certificate”. But due to your carelessness , Computer Virus enters your computer due to Pen drive like Internet and some other sources . You will know very well what happens after this. You all were made Data Store in your Computer that are all missing or File become corrupt.

When this incident happens with you, you only remember that if I had installed Antivirus in my system, then this day would not have to be seen. So friends, hope this incident has not happened to you so far, so today I will tell you the solution of all these problems in this article, what is Antivirus . So let’s start.

What is antivirus

Best Antivirus Software 2021: Antivirus This is a program (code). You can also say that this is a software that finds all the Virus programs hidden in the computer and delete it from the computer. You can also say that it works like Safeguard for Computer which protects against Malware like Computer Worms, Trojan Horse.

Antivirus Computer also provides protection from Spyware and Adware . Detect all these programs from your computer and delete them. Some short cut your files, make the files disappear, which makes the computer slow down.

I mean to say, this good software removes all the programs which are a loss factor for your computer. Now you are wondering whether the program is a virus, yes the virus is also a program. There is only one person who makes these two. Example: – Avira, Avast, AVG Kaspersky. So now let us know how it works.

In today’s time, all our data from our important documents to office files are saved in computers or laptops. By the way, we save these files in the computer for safekeeping, but many times we have to wash all our data due to virus. To overcome this problem, Amazon has brought antivirus and business software which will increase the life of your computer for many years by keeping your computer safe from viruses. At Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019, you get No Cost EMI on Debit Card, 10% Instant Discount + Bonus Offer with ICICI Card and No Cost EMI on Bajaj Finserv with offers worth Rs. Many great offers like 100 can be availed.

1. Quick Heal Total Security Latest Version – 2 PCs, 3 Years (DVD):Whenever we talk about antivirus, the name of Quick Heal Total Security comes first in our mind. This antivirus will protect your two devices for three years. The original price of this antivirus is Rs 4,249, but you can buy it on Amazon Cell on Antivirus for just Rs 2,175 with 49% discount. Buy now on Amazon!

2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Latest Version – 1 Device, 1 Year (CD): To protect your computer from viruses and that too at a very low cost, Kaspersky’s one year antivirus is perfect. The original price of this antivirus is 699 rupees, but on Best Antivirus on Amazon, it is available for only 199 rupees with 67 percent discount. Buy now on Amazon!

3. Quick Heal Total Security Renewal Upgrade Gold Pack – 1 User, 3 Years: If your old antivirus pack has expired then you can take this one year upgrade pack of Quick Heal Total Security from Amazon under Best Offers on Antivirus. This upgrade antivirus pack, priced at Rs 1300, can currently be purchased on Amazon with a 44 percent discount for just Rs 729. Buy now on Amazon!

4. Kaspersky Internet Security Latest Version – 3 PCs, 3 Years (Single Key) (CD): This latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security is designed to protect your three computers or laptops from viruses for three years. The original price of this antivirus software is Rs 3,599, but you can buy it on Antivirus Deals on Amazon for just Rs 1,549 with a 57 percent discount. Buy now on Amazon!

5. Quick Heal Antivirus Pro – 1 PC, 3 Year (CD / DVD): No matter what version of Windows you are using, this Quick Heal Antivirus Pro will protect your device from all dangerous viruses for up to three years. The market price of this antivirus is Rs 1,949, but at Amazon Great Indian Festival you are getting it for only 945 rupees with 52% discount. Buy now on Amazon!

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