WhatsApp New Feature Fingerprint And Face ID

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Last Updated on January 30, 2021 by Swati Brijwasi

WhatsApp New Feature Fingerprint and Face ID

WhatsApp New Feature Fingerprint And Face ID
WhatsApp New Feature Fingerprint And Face ID

For the past few days, questions have been raised about the data security of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the company has introduced a new security feature to link WhatsApp accounts to computers. These features will be activated next week. This new feature will allow users to verify the account using a fingerprint or face before linking it to a computer. WhatsApp has stated that this feature has been added for the purpose that no one else should link your WhatsApp account to the computer in your absence.

WhatsApp has launched this new feature at a time when there is a lot of talk about WhatsApp privacy. In this feature, fingerprint and face authentication will be taken from the user’s mobile and no biometric information stored in the user’s mobile operating system will be used by WhatsApp. In addition, the company has said that another security layer will be added to prevent misuse of WhatsApp on the desktop.

You need to unlock your fingerprint or face to link your WhatsApp to your desktop. You can then scan your QR code and allow your desktop to access WhatsApp. (Someone blocked you on WhatsApp? Send message in ‘this’ mode)

This new feature will prevent other people in your home or office colleagues from linking your WhatsApp account to any device. In addition, the pop-notice feature will be activated. So, if you log in to your WhatsApp account on the desktop, it will pop up in your mobile, according to the official statement of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp does not save biometric information in your mobile. Your phone’s operating system is not allowed to handle any data. The new feature will be launched next week, along with new designs for mobile WhatsApp web pages.

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