10 ways to get cheaper car insurance rates

Last Updated on December 5, 2020 by Swati Brijwasi

10 ways to get cheaper car insurance rates

10 ways to get cheaper car insurance rates
10 ways to get cheaper car insurance rates

Every insurance consumer should be making a habit of learning about the 10 ways to get cheaper car insurance rates. If you’re anything like me, you hate paying too much for auto coverage. There are many reasons why people get good and excellent car insurance rates, but there are also some common mistakes that they commit that could increase their rates. With all these reasons to question your auto coverage needs, I would like to share 10 ways to get cheaper auto insurance rates that you can use today. The 10 ways to get cheaper car insurance rates start with knowing the factors that affect auto coverage rates.

How can I get cheaper auto insurance?

  • What factors affect auto coverage rates?
  • What factors affect auto insurance rates?

One: The type of vehicle. Each vehicle has different risk factors. Some cars are more prone to theft and more prone to getting damaged in an accident. To get better auto coverage rates, you need to choose a car that is less prone to damage and more prone to theft. You could go to a wreck proof car, which will almost triple your car insurance premium. You can also drive an older vehicle, which will keep your auto coverage rates low.

Two: The location of your home or place of business. The risk of your car getting damaged at a certain place increases or decreases depending on the neighborhood you live in, and the crime rate in the area. To get the lowest auto coverage rates, you should always opt for a place that has less crime and less likelihood of getting your car damaged.

Three: Your age and gender. Insurance companies normally offer auto coverage rates to people who are in their 30’s, and those who are in their prime. Women, and teens, usually have to pay higher premiums compared to men. This is because statistically, those groups are more likely to have accidents than people in other age groups.

Four: The number of years you have been driving. If you have had your license for quite some time now, you are considered an “experienced driver”. If not, you might be charged with higher auto coverage rates. To reduce your insurance costs, make sure you drive less and if possible, remove any security devices from your car, such as alarms.

Five: The type of car you drive. There are certain cars that attract lower rates than others. For instance, cars classified as “high risk” will have high rates, whereas cars classified as “standard risk” will have lower rates. Car insurance companies also give discount to drivers who agree to drive fewer miles each year.

These five factors, among others, affect how much you will have to pay for your rates. However, there is still one more important thing you can do – search for cheap car insurance rates online. You can do this easily by visiting a website that offers quotes from different companies.