Oh No They Did Not, also called ONTD

Last Updated on December 4, 2020 by Swati Brijwasi

Oh, No They Did Not, also called ONTD

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Oh, No They Did Not, also called ONTD, is probably the biggest online community on LiveJournal having over 100,000 registered members. The community is focused on celebrity gossip and popular culture with all its postings aggregated from other similar gossip blogs. There are also a large number of photo albums of music that have been created by members of the community as well.

It actually goes without saying that the members of this community enjoy all aspects of the Internet and are constantly seeking new ways to share their passion for their favorite subjects.
One of the most popular sections of the community is Perez Hilton’s Secret Page. This page has all the latest gossip released by the deuce in deuce, as well as a few surprises as a bonus. Perez Hilton is the owner of the pages of several celebrity gossip websites, so he has the latest scoop on the lips of all of the celebrities on the deuce.

He does not usually post his articles unless they contain a significant or interesting update, or unless people ask him to do so. Other articles written on this page include information on the music of December, as well as a link to a site where you can purchase tickets to the Claus Decade concert in June.

The French page of Perez Hilton’s Secret Page is filled with all the latest gossip from France and surrounding regions. With postings from both the English and French languages, it will include the most recent events in the diary country. Some of the more interesting French topics include the latest royals, news from the United Kingdom and the fight between outgoing President Nicholas Sarkozy and current President Jean-Louis Barneau.

There have also been a number of pictures posted on the page, including one of singer Deirdre Collard-Roches. Many of the gossip items on the French version of the Secret Page are exclusive, and other parts of the site are available for free.

Fair Use: In 2020, the U.S. Copyright Office revised the definition of “fair use,” clarifying that use may be allowable so long as it is not used to further commercial gain. This means that celebrities’ blogs, news articles and opinions, and news reporting on them may be freely published on personal sites like ontd livejournal. If a celebrity wants to use copyrighted material in a manner that furthers the commercial gain, however, they must seek permission first.

Social Networking: Ontd livejournal is a place where famous people hang out and talk about what’s going on in their lives. Just like on Facebook, users can join the “pins” that others add to their list and follow the people who share their interests. As a member of ontd social network, users can go to “pin” a particular story or topic, view other “pins” that are all similar to their own, comment on the stories or post a photo of a friend smiling with the caption, “You’re beautiful.”

If the above discussion has made you think, “what was I thinking?” that’s ok. I understand because I get nervous when I’m asked about big issues, especially ones as broad and popular as online media. What I meant by that comment was that if you have strong feelings about a subject or topic, maybe you shouldn’t discuss it with the general public. As long as you’re aware that sharing this sensitive information could create a negative backlash against you, then I’d say you should discuss the issues that are upsetting you without revealing too much, especially anything about yourself.